Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry for beautiful teeth

Do you have a missing tooth? Ivy House Dental Practice can help you get it replaced. We provide an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry services in and around London.

Helping you achieve the perfect smile

If you have teeth that are discoloured or out of place, contact Ivy House Dental Practice. We can help transform your smile. Our cosmetic dental treatments can help you achieve the confidence for the perfect smile.  You can step into our clinic and undergo a free initial consultation with our dentist. We provide reliable advice on how to effectively improve the appearance of your teeth. With your approval, we proceed with the treatment.
Teeth whitening

Our cosmetic dentistry services

Our cosmetic dentistry services include the following:

Teeth whitening and orthodontics

To get your teeth whitened, contact Ivy House Dental Practice. We use the latest techniques and methods to help in restoring the colour of your teeth. Our dentists can help transform the appearance of your teeth with a number of bleaching sessions.

If you want to get your teeth aligned and appropriately positioned, we can help. Using braces, tooth removal and related procedures we can get your teeth looking natural and beautiful. You can expect our procedures to be completed within 18 to 24 months.
Crowns and dentures

Crowns and dentures

Whether you require a permanent or a temporary crown, contact Ivy House Dental Practice. With many years in the industry, we are experts in carrying out specialist crown treatments. The crowns that we install include PFM crowns, porcelain crowns, resin crowns, stainless steel crowns and zirconia crowns.

We can replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth, using dentures. We take impressions of the gums and help in constructing the missing tooth. We have metal and plastic dentures that can be removed and cleaned.
Bridges and veneers

Bridges and veneers

If your tooth requires a dental bridge, contact Ivy House Dental Practice. We specialise in providing dental bridge services. Our dental bridge treatments include: 3-unit bridges, everStick bridges, implant bridges, Maryland bridges, metal bridges, permanent bridges, PFM bridges and porcelain bridges.

You can also approach our specialists if you have chipped or discoloured teeth. Our veneers can be the appropriate solution for the dental issues that you may be facing. We design a special cap to cover the front of the tooth. A thin layer of the tooth is then drilled away to fit the new porcelain or composite layer.


If you are looking for an alternative to braces, contact Ivy House Dental Practice. We use clear and semi-transparent removable aligners to realign your teeth. With a fresh pair of aligners every fortnight, your teeth will continue to move and straighten.

You can avoid metal brackets or wires with our Invisalign aligners, which are more comfortable for your teeth and gums.

Price list

Ivy House Dental Practice provides a range of cosmetic dentistry services in and around London. To book our services, call us on 020 7284 1110  

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