General Dentistry

General dentistry services

Many put off their trip to the dentist until the problem is impossible to ignore. Don't make the same mistake. Catching the problem in the earliest stages will both save you money and discomfort.

A professional dental practice in London

If you are suffering from a dental issue, you need to see a professional dental practitioner. The specialists at Ivy House Dental Practice deliver dependable and friendly services. We will take a look at your issue and provide you with the appropriate solution. 

You can depend on us to make your experience stress-free. You may place a request with us for our sedation services before the treatment is due.
Cosmetic dentistry
root canals

Routine check-ups and root canals

To keep your teeth healthy, you should see a dentist at least once in a year. At Ivy House Dental Practice, we recommend a visit every nine months. We can ensure that your teeth and gums are maintained in the correct manner. We can put measures in place to prevent tooth decay as well as take up endodontic treatment to cure any detected case of tooth decay.

Our root canal treatment can cure any infection in your tooth. We clean and remove all bacteria from the root of the affected tooth. 
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Fillings and extractions

If you’re plagued by regular toothaches or have a sensitive tooth that requires attention, our friendly dentists are here to help. Ivy House Dental Practice helps prevent all forms of tooth decay. Because it is one of the most common dental problems in the UK, anyone and everyone could be susceptible. However, we can help you keep it at bay.

Should your tooth be severely affected by decay or gum infection, extraction of the tooth may be necessary. We use this last resort method when any further repair becomes impossible. We will use a local anaesthetic or sedative in such cases.


If you want that perfect smile, contact us. The experienced dentists at Ivy House Dental Practice help with positioning and alignment of all types of teeth. We also help our clients with overcrowded or crooked teeth. We utilise braces and tooth removal techniques to transform the appearance of your teeth.

A period of 18 to 24 months may be required for your teeth to get into the shape that you require. Get in touch with us for more details.

Ivy House Dental Practice Private Treatment Costs

Private plan 10% discount


Ivy House Dental Practice provides general dentistry services in and around London. To find out more about our dental practice, call us on 020 7284 1110 

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